How to rent a pottery wheel & potters stool

Step 1: How long can I rent a pottery wheel for? and how much does it cost?

You can rent a Whisper-T pottery wheel and stool for as many weeks as you like. Minimum rental is one week due to the logistics and paperwork. But after that, its up to you! NB: Bookings can only be made in weekly increments.


Nidec Shimpo Whisper-T Potter Wheel and potters stool: NZ$80 per week including GST and Stripe transaction fees. Your rental includes:

1 x Whisper-T pottery wheel

1 x adjustable potters stool

1 x hardwood bat

1 x chamois and cleaning sponge.

NB: A NZ$300 security deposit will be taken with every booking. Details below on Step 4.

Step 2: Make a booking and check availability

We have a number of Whisper-T pottery wheels available for rent. So pop your dates into the booking engine and see what is available. If you can't find the dates you are after, please contact us, as it may just be how we have setup the booking engine. You can book a pottery wheel for a long weekend for $60 (4 day rental), or in weekly increments for $80 per week. Book for 4 weeks an get your 4th week for FREE...woohooo!!

Step 3: Would you like to pickup the wheel or have it delivered

Potter&dabble is based in Dairy Flat, Auckland. You are more than welcome to come and pick up your rental. You can park right in front of our studio, so the wheel only needs to be carried 2m from our studio to the boot of your car.

The wheel must be carried by two people. We can provide one person at our end, please ensure you are able to provide either yourself or someone else to help lift the wheel. The wheel must be secured in your car, we ask if you can bring tie down straps or rope with you. If this isn't possible, let us know as we have some available.

Please view full terms and conditions to understand about your obligations in looking after the wheel. 

We are also more than happy to deliver the pottery wheel & stool to your property and also to pick up after the rental period is finished. You can add this into the checkout when booking a wheel if your suburb is listed, or simply place a note in the booking and we will be in touch to quote your delivery.

NB: We are based in Dairy Flat, so set pricing has been worked out from our location in Dairy Flat. 

Step Four: Booking, payment and security deposit

Once you have chosen the length of your rental, and how it will reach your home, the next step is to pay. We have teamed up with Stripe, who will manage the payment side. We also require a security deposit for the wheel. Stripe will place a pre-authorization of NZ$300 onto your card. The money is just 'on hold'. Once the wheel is returned in accordance with our terms and conditions (same condition as you hired it from us), the money will be released. We do not at any time hold your security deposit or your credit card details.


If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us, via our Contact Us page. Alternatively please view our Frequently Asked Question page or/and our Full Terms and Conditions as these may help in answering your questions.