About potter&dabble

Hey fellow potters! My name is Louise, welcome to my little pottery wheel business - potter&dabble.

potter - a person who makes pottery

dabble - to work at anything in an irregular manner. To play and splash in water, using your hands

Potter&dabble was created out of my own personal need to rent a pottery wheel. There were many times where I couldn't make it to my pottery class, and my projects would sit dormant on the shelves for weeks. School holidays would then come, and classes wouldn't be on. Then I would be all inspired, but my schedule wouldn't fit around the available studio days.

When looking at purchasing my first pottery wheel, I struggled to find space to store it when it wasn't in use, and to outlay a sizable amount for my 'hobby' was hard to justify. Hence why I started looking at renting a pottery wheel.

One of the things I love, that I never realised was important, was being able to setup my own pottery wheel environment. Being able to adjust not only the legs of the pottery wheel and potters' stool to suit my height, but also tweak the sensitivity of the foot pedal - this allows me to keep a consistent speed while 'pulling', something I always struggle with.

Feel free to get in touch to see how renting a pottery wheel could work for you. Email at [email protected]