Nidec Shimpo Whisper-T Pottery Wheel & Potters' stool


Curious to see what it would be like to have a pottery wheel at home! Dabble in your favourite pastime when it suits you, and then return it when life gets too busy! Renting a pottery wheel and stool from potter&dabble offers you this luxury. Rent for as many weeks as you like, as often as you like.

Weekly rate is NZ$80.00 including GST.

Special pricing:

Weekend Renters - Pickup Friday, Return Monday. Pay $60

Longer term renters - get your 4th week of rent for FREE. To activate this special pricing, simply select 4 or more weeks, and your 4th week will be charged at $0.

NB: A NZ$300.00 security deposit will be taken with every booking. Details on this are outlined on 'how it works' page, FAQs and in detail within our terms and conditions

We offer free click and collect of the wheel from Dairy Flat, Auckland, or select one of our delivery options at time of booking. 

All rentals include

• Nidec Shimpo Whisper-T pottery wheel

• Nidec Shimpo adjustable potters' stool

•  A tempered hardboard bat, chamois and cleaning sponge

•  A large bucket for transportation and to assist with cleaning

•  Installation instructions for the splashpan - useful if you haven't used a Nidec Shimpo wheel before. 

Features of the Whisper-T

• As the name suggests, the Whisper-T is super quiet - recording only 30 decibels while in use! Set up your wheel in the kitchen, laundry or bedroom and enjoy without disturbing the household!

• With 5 adjustable leg settings, and the option to remove the legs entirely and place on a table top - you will no longer be hunched over the wheel. Comfort is key!

• We can also adjust the sensitivity of the foot pedal - woohooo!

• This direct drive DC brushless 300w motor with electric speed control motor offers responsiveness, high torque at all speeds and smooth without vibrations.

• 2 piece removable splash pan, makes cleaning super easy.

• An impressive 20kg centering capacity. But really if your throwing this much clay, you should own your own wheel. Great option to rent a wheel before you buy.

• Clockwise and counter clockwise wheelhead.

• Dimensions: The potter wheel is 750mm wide (including removable side tables), 572mm long and height is adjustable from 275mm (table top) to full leg height of 580mm.

• 300mm wheelhead, great size for most creations.

• The pottery wheel weighs 45kg and requires two people to move it.

Features of the adjustable potters' stool

Our Nidec Shimpo Adjustable potters' stool is the perfect match when renting one of our pottery wheels. 

The legs are fully adjustable, with 8 height settings, and the option to 'tilt' the stool to relieve pain in the lower back. 

4th week for free offer terms and conditions

Our full terms and conditions apply to every rental

This offer is available to all potters, every time you rent for 4 or more weeks. Simply select the number of weeks you wish to rent (min 4 weeks), and your fourth week of rent will be charged at $0. Delivery charges and security deposit is additional to this offer. Offer valid 1 per person. Only 4 wheels available. Offer does not apply if your rental is extended. Your booking is secure once full payment has been received and delivery option agreed and paid for. Our standard cancellation policy applies, however the fourth week of rental will be refunded at $0.